We can help clients optimize their Sales and Marketing efforts with advice and services relating to four key areas: Marketing Analysis and Planning, Brand and Product Management, Communications Management and Distribution Channel Development.

Marketing Analysis and Planning

We can provide advice on customer, prospects and competitor research or help you conduct a full Marketing Audit of your business. We can help you analyze your market and identify key market segments and prepare a comprehensive marketing plan.

Brand and Product Management

We offer a number of services to help you create your business identity and build your corporate brand. At the same time we can help you develop new products and services and manage existing ones for maximum return.

Communications Management

We can help you decide on the appropriate communication strategy, select the best promotional mix for your business and help you develop your own media channels such as web sites, newsletters and social media. We also provide content creation services.

Distribution Channel Development

We can help you further develop existing sales channels with training programs, design of web sales support systems and sales promotion and incentive ideas. We can help your business expand its sales channels and explore new alternate distribution channels.

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