Crossfort Partners focuses on specific client groups. In this way we can maintain deep knowledge of customer needs and challenges and offer truly effective consulting services.

Employed professionals and self-employed individuals

One of Crossfort Partners key customer segments is that of Employed Professionals and Self-employed Individuals. Examples include medical practitioners and senior executives. Clients in this category may find that there income and assets are being taxed at the highest possible rates and are in need of ways to better manage their wealth. Crossfort Partners provides various consulting, tax and accounting services for individuals who are not incorporated.

Small to medium sized companies

Owners of small to medium sized businesses are another major client group for Crossfort Partners. Many clients in this segment often lack the human resources and skills within their business to explore new commercial opportunities or optimize results. We can provide clients in this category with a range of function specific services such as Tax Planning, HR or Sales and Marketing to help them achieve better bottom line results or enter new markets.

Start up companies

Crossfort Partners can help entrepreneurs who are starting up a new business with a range of services designed to help them handle the risks associated with new ventures and optimize the chances of commercial success. Services provided for clients in this category include business planning and new company formation services.