Being a company that specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses and affluent individuals we work on a closer, more personal level than large management consulting firms.  At the same time, supplementing our personal service, we offer clients a number of very practical e-services.

Personalized Service

We work on a close personal level with each client, putting in the time and effort to understand their particular needs and objectives in order to build the foundations for a long and trusted relationship and to provide effective solutions.

Our clients have direct personal contact with our advisors so that the can discuss any and all aspects of solutions proposed and to clarify important technical issues and questions. Client contact with administrative staff is limited to routine operational and day to day tasks.
Clients needing advice across a number of fields of expertise (ie: Business planning, HR and Marketing) will have an advisory team assigned to their account, with the senior advisor acting as the account manager. All members of the team are available to clients for consultation.


Further to our personal service Crossfort Partners, through its web site provides clients with a number of e-services designed to make life easier. Services include access to client documents, access to specialized reports, tools, calculators and account payment details.